My VERY FIRST works as a producer (2002)

So on my last birthday, my very good friend, Wencel, pulls out this CD that contains my very first works as a producer back on 2002! The tracks were to be used for a Soundtrack for a film we were making called “Moonlit Days” (Emulating the movie “Groove” released in 2000). So, here it is, I know its rough but we all have to start somewhere!

Lost & Found (VIBRATTO Chill-Out Remix)

VIBRATTO enters the Sick Individuals Remix Competition for “Lost & Found”

Voting and Submissions close March 25th
Winner announced April 3rd

Grand Prize 

1. Support via Revealed Records and Sick Individuals Soundcloud & Youtube*
2. Be the opening DJ at a Sick Individuals gig near you.
3. A lifetime Wavo Pro membership
4. Consideration for official release on Revealed Recordings